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We have the necessary skills and experience to build well- conceived website design which are visually appealing and functionally effective. Our web design and development service helps clients grow their businesses online.
We encourage our customers to embrace the online marketing strategy which can be seamlessly integrated into their business model, in order to maximize the return on its website investment.

Web Design

In today’s business world the internet is the fastest growing source of information .People’s habits are changing as many do not go to yellow pages anymore but rely solely on the internet for information.

Establishing a Web presence is the only way your business can stay in tune with the tides of change.

  • A website improves your business credibility. It is your online business address and that is where your customers, clients and associates go to find you on the Internet.
  • A website increases your sales. You can drive more people to your website by consistently refreshing and advertising the contents of your site. The more informative your site has, the greater the possibility of increasing your sales.
  • If you have a website, you can actually track most things that are happening on it? You can even look for information that will tell you how many people visited your site, or how many people messaged or emailed you. You can access the growth of your website and view the metrics for each page. You can even make a change anytime, making it much cheaper than printed material.
  • Responsive Website Design which gives users a great experience when viewing your website on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Mobile-friendly websites also help with search engine optimization.
  • Superb user experience (UX)
  • Content Management System(CMS) integration which makes it easy to update content of your website. 
  • all Website Design by PGResource are visually appealing and functionally effective
  • We design websites that are SEO friendly so that Google and other search engines can easily find the website’  pages.
Our Approach

We work from an objective perspective that translates ideas into web pages, with your business strategy in mind we design a site that will communicate the nature of your business, where it is going and what image it should have to meet your customers’ expectations.
Our approach is planned in such a way that we are able to create a visual language for your brand which is consistent across all contexts making a memorable impression that keeps your visitors interested and glued to your pages as they find the information they need without having to wade through piles of unnecessary content.

Discovery Stage

Defining Scope of Work

Creative Stage

Technical Stage

Review Stage

Website Launch

Website Maintenance

Move Your Business Forward