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The Role of Web Design in Conversion Rate Optimization

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While SEO, advertising, social media and a range of other activities can get you traffic, eventually your site must be good enough to capture their attention.

It’s clear to most that conversion rate optimizationis extremely important and invaluable. Here ,we'll discuss ways that web design can affect your conversion rate and the importance of keeping up with these changes.


What Affects Conversion Rate?

Generally everyone will tell you that your content has to be good, and this is true. The copy and the images you use must stand out. But, even the design of your site can have a profound impact on your conversion rates. In reality, it is all about human psychology. Here are a few things that you may keep in mind:

Color Palette and Call to Action: Different types of color schemes appeal to different demographics. So, you need to use the right colors keeping your target audience in mind. Luckily, a call to action is generally expected and people actually do things when they are told, requested or prompted – but, the copy has to be clever.

A Memorable Identity: Your business name is the most important word you are ever going to write. It must be memorable and a web domain should be available for you to register.

Visual Communication: People do not have the time or the patience to read much. If you can express what you are trying to say with visuals, it is much easier for everyone. They generally glance through long content. So, divide content into small sections and use bold subheadings.

Clear Hierarchy: Average users do not like complex or long processes. So, you need to be very clear about what you expect them to do. Keep main goals in mind and introduce secondary things only after the primary objective is achieved. For instance, you can ask them to like your FB page, but do not prompt it when someone is trying to checkout. Do it only after the purchase is completed.

Mobile CompatibilityNowadays most people use smart devices. So, responsive design is a must – and bulky, cluttered and old-school designs should be avoided. If it suits the business, a separate mobile app can be considered, too.


Even after considering the aforementioned aspects, some extra effort will still be required to enhance conversion rates of a website. Here are a few ideas that you can experiment with in this regard:

Shorten and Simplify: Every page must be designed like a landing page, and the calls to action must stand out separately. You must ensure that people have to click and type the least amount of times as possible to accomplish any task.


Utilize your social proof: Social clout gives you validity. If you have a million FB fans or Twitter followers, it will surely help you come across as popular and trustworthy. But this information must be displayed on your website through Likeboxes, Twitter feeds and share buttons. You can also use social sites to collect testimonials and embed them on your homepage.


Optimize for every page: Generally, due to lack of time and resources businesses, just use blanket keywords and meta-descriptions for the entire site. In order make them more targeted, every page must be separately optimized.


Add human touch: Something as simple as a picture of a human model on the homepage can make it more welcoming and enhance conversions.

Add user generated reviews and ratings: User reviews can add trustworthiness to any product. It also shows that you are confident in your product, so try to keep a review on every product page.

Assure security: Assurance of security convinces people to convert and dispels their fears. Redesign your checkout pages to include large security icons and certifications if any. If possible, link them to relevant T&C pages and also declare relevant information such as a warranty and exchange policy. Use large buttons for important purchase actions and even include calls to actions on the buttons.


Persuasive web design is a very delicate affair. It is more of an art and hence it cannot be implemented overnight. The above pointers should help your business create the foundation for a user-friendly website that can be perfected over time with regular testing and modifications.


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