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How to Submit Blogger Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools


Submitting Blogger Sitemap to Google Webmaster tools is a must for any blogger that wish to be successful. Submitting your blog sitemap to Google webmaster tools will help your blog in the sense that whenever you make a new post on your blog, Google will get notified and your blog will get indexed on Google search engine. 

Bloggers say, “If you are not on Google, you are almost invisible to the world”, yes this is rightly said because if you blog is not submitted to Google Webmaster tools, there is high tendency that all you blog post might not get indexed on Google search engine and this might make you become invisible to the world despite your hard work. My blog almost had 30% increase of traffic from Google after submitting my blog to Google Webmasters Tool.

A new blogger might be confused about what Sitemap really mean. Sitemap as it name implies is a list of pages on a blog or website accessible to crawlers or users. Today, I want to share a simple step that any blogger using blogspot.com can easily use to submit their blog to Google Webmaster tools easily in no time.

Steps to Submit Blogger Blogs Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools

1. Sign in to you Google Webmaster Tools account.
2. Click on the blog.
3. Now click on the sitemaps button.


4. Click on “ADD/TEST SITEMAP” button that appear on the top right of the page.

5. After clicking on it, a small box will pop up.


6. Now add the code below into the box if you blog post is not up to 500:


If your blog post is more than 500 then add the code below (You need to add each line one by one):


If you make more than 1000 posts on your blog, you will make use of the code below (You need to add each line one by one):


Submit the link, after submission; you will see a notification that the code has been added successfully as sitemap. You will also see the number of URL that has been submitted and the ones that has been indexed.

Share how this post has helped you via the comment box and don’t hesitate to ask questions if you’re confused.


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