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 Polar Global Resources

We make energy portable…And we help you achieve true freedom tapping into the unlimited power source - the SUN. Imagine it, we make it happen.

Inverters & Solar Power

With the acute power shortage and inevitable blackouts in Nigeria, power inverters have come to the rescue.Increasingly, Nigerians are seeing the wisdom in turning to the inverter solution to mitigate the power supply shortfall we face. 

You've probably wondered where to buy top-performing and reliable inverters and solar power components (solar panels, charge controllers, etc) in Nigeria. Search no further. You are at the home of quality inverters in Nigeria, with solar integration, to boot. If you want to buy inverters, solar panels or accessories from anywhere in Nigeria, we offer you a reliable range of products that will deliver in performance.

Power inverters are simply DC (direct current) to AC (alternating current) converters - they convert DC energy stored in a battery, to the electric current (AC) that your appliances require. An inverter taps current from the public supply when that is on (or, alternatively, from a power generator), stores that power in its battery bank as DC and converts it to AC when the power supply is gone. That way, the inverter provides the power backup you need, filling the gap in your power supply. 

The main added value of inverters, which is the key advantage of inverter over power generator, is that inverters do not require consumables like petrol, diesel or oil and virtually incur no running cost. Once bought, it supplies power for free, until a battery-change. Big money saver that you can't ignore! Besides, good inverters are fully automated, saving you that inconvenience of change-overs, suffered with generators.

In addition to running without consumables, a solid inverter requires minimum maintenance, again saving you the huge expenditure otherwise  incurred on maintenance of power generators, especially when used extensively. 




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PGR is an industry-leading IT service provider. At PGR we offer a full range of IT solutions and services that can meet our customers IT needs to help them achieve their business goals.

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